“After my father passed, we used Nellis to sell many items left in his estate. They were prompt and courteous. What didn’t sell they remove and give to charity. They handle everything and took the stress off my shoulders. My sister and I are now a regular buyers on the site and there are always great deals to be had at very reasonable prices and wonderful items. Love the Nellis guys (Daniel and Diego), they are courteous, professional and thoughtful. Also, when I purchased a few large items, their team helped me load them in my car. Great service – Great attitudes! LtCol USMC Vet

Jennifer L. – Las Vegas, NV

“I recently sold my childhood home in Las Vegas. We lived there for almost 40 years, and my parents never threw anything away. It was an emotional process, and I had no idea what I was in for when I started. Nellis Auction was incredible. I met with Diego first, to go over what I needed and what they provided. It took me months – and by that I mean almost a year – to get to the point (emotionally and physically) that I was ready for Nellis to come in and start cataloguing. When that time came, Larry and Wendy came in. They were PHENOMENAL. It took over two weeks for them to set up, catalogue, photograph, describe and upload our auction. (It was a 3400 square foot house with 40 years worth of life) They worked tirelessly to get everything ready. They were never too busy to answer my questions, to tell me a story about another auction, to calm my fears and make me feel better. I left them with access to my home while I went back to LA, and I never once worried. They were respectful and kind, and really interested in the things in my home. I came back for the load out (which took two days), and I was thrilled with the result. Nellis provided a dumpster a few days later for the last of the pieces in the house, two workers came over and cleared the rest of the pieces – old wood from my dad’s workshop, and general garbage, they even loaded the broken freezer into the dumpster – in 6 hours. I was paid in a timely manner – much quicker than I anticipated – with a complete list of each lot, how much it sold for and my percentage. While the beginning had some fits and starts – honestly, most of them were my fault – once I committed and the work started, it was really very easy. I highly recommend this company for estate sales. Without Diego, Wendy, and Larry, I’m not sure how I would have cleared our house in such a short period of time.”

Terri L. – Las Vegas, NV

“I hired Nellis Auction to liquidate my mom and dad’s estate after being referred to them by my estate attorney.  We were under a time crunch to get the house cleaned out.  After I meticulously sifted through the contents of the house for the personal and sentimental items we wanted to keep and ensuring that all personal and important paperwork was removed, I let Daniel from Nellis have at it.  I was amazed at how easily and quickly he and his helper were able to get all of the items organized and ready for bidding.  My mom was an antique dealer and had all kinds of hidden treasures.  While I think the bidders who purchased the goods got fantastic deals (in other words, as being the seller, we didn’t make oodles of money but did fairly well) our aim was to get the house and garage cleaned out quickly.  I couldn’t believe that at the end of the load-out day, the house was nearly stripped clean.  My goal had been met.  I received a check with an accounting in about 3 weeks and was satisfied with everything.  If you need an estate liquidated, based on my experience, I highly recommend them.”