BBB Accredited

We take business practices very seriously.  When it comes to liquidating your estate, you can have trust in an accredited business by the Southern, Nevada Better Business Bureau. You can hire “the rest” or you can hire Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC to liquidate your estate.

We have a positive track record in the Southern, Nevada (Clark County) community. We build trust with our clients and customers. We have fullfilled all licensing and bonding requirements. We advertise honestly by following federal and state laws regarding advertising. We honestly try to represent our services with real expectations citing various experiences in the estate liquidation process.

We are are a transparent company. We walk our clients step by step through the liquidation process. Day or night, our lines of communication are always open to our clients.

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC fulfills contracts and agreements.

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC safeguards your privacy. We never divulge or sell personal information of any kind.