Do You Know Your Estate Sale Company?

 Know Your Estate Sale Company


The purpose of this article is not for self-promotion; rather, to educate potential clients of predatory estate sale companies as well as fraudulent ones.  On Thursday, July 24, 2014, Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC was featured by the Better Business Bureau of Southern Nevada as a company that puts the Better Business Bureau’s standards at the core of it’s business practices.

Why is this important to a potential  client? The answer is simple. Who are you going to trust liquidating your personal belongings?

The information I am going to share with you may shock you. There are several estate sale companies in Las Vegas that DO NOT have YOUR best interest at heart.

I can categorize these estate sale companies by:

  • those that do not have business licenses
  • those that own stores
  • those offering “cheap” rates
  • those that are blatantly committing fraud and trademark theft.

Business Licenses

First of all, I want to bring your attention to estate sale companies that do not have business licenses. In Nevada, you must have a business license with the State of Nevada, each city business is conducted in, and Clark County.

If you are going to hire someone to sell your collectibles, antiques, jewelry, automobile, and any other item; wouldn’t you want to know if the estate sale company you are hiring is legal to conduct business?

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC has business licenses for every municipality it conducts business in.  I know of several estate sale companies in Clark County that are breaking the law by not having proper business licenses.

You can search online for Southern, Nevada Business Licenses.  I encourage you to search for business licenses at the following web  addresses:

On several occassions this year, I have received phone calls from individuals who hired an estate sale company other than Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC.  The individuals calling all had a similar message.  One individual in particular was extremely disturbed because the estate sale company they hired told the individual that they could not be present at the home 2 weeks before the sale and also during the estate sale.  However, the individual showed up prior to the estate sale to find most of their items removed from the home and replaced with junk that was not even theirs.  When the individual confronted the estate sale company; the individual was told their items were already sold prior to the estate sale by the company they hired.  The next question asked by the same individual was “why is there all of this junk that is not even mine in my home?”   Naturally, the owner was extremely upset and wanted to know what they should do.

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC never tells the owner of an estate that they cannot be present prior or during an estate sale.

Store Fronts

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC knows of several estate sale companies in Southern, Nevada who conduct estate sales and also own a store.  Why would you hire an estate sale company that owns a store to conduct an estate sale for you?  Simply put, your items will be sold to the estate sale company for near nothing and or maybe not at all.  In order to have a store and conduct estate sales; you MUST have a privledged license.  This license is comprised of a special license and in-depth background check given to an owner of a business.  Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC does not own any store.  Our primary motivation is to sell your items for top dollar.

Cheap Rates

The old cliché “You get what you pay for” is never truer in the estate sale business.  You will find estate sale companies advertising and offering low rates.  Generally, these “companies” offering lower rates are also the same ones that do not have licenses to conduct business and also have a warehouse and or storefront to sell items.  Don’t become a victim to predatory estate sale companies.  Don’t be “fooled” by low rate estate sale companies.  Estate sale companies offering cheap rates may have an alternative motive.