Estate Auction vs. Estate Sale


There are a variety of ways for you to liquidate your estate.  In Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, or Boulder City you can turn to an estate sale company or auction house to help you liquidate estate items. The following article will give you some basic facts and ideas to help you decide which avenue to pursue when deciding to liquidate an estate.

Estate Auction

Estate auctions in Clark County, Nevada is a way for an individual or family to liquidate an estate.  There are pros and cons for choosing an auction house over an estate sale company.


Typically, estate auctions are a quick way to get rid of stuff.

Cons:  If you are looking for top dollar on your items, you may want to contact an estate sale company.  Auction companies will argue that individuals are competing to buy an item. Yes, this is true, but individuals are also looking to buy an item(s) for as cheap as possible at an auction.  Typically, auctions houses charge "buyer's premiums" for buying an item.  This cost is generally an additional 10% on top of the winning bid.  Buyers are cognitive of this fact; so, they are generally shy about bidding too high.

Also, auction houses do not want just any item.  They want just the higher end, more valuable items. If you have an entire house full of items to sell, choosing a liquidation service like an estate sale company would make better sense.

Estate Sale Company

Estate sale companies in Clark County, Nevada focus on selling every single item of an estate.  My company has even sold rocks out of a person's backyard!  Like an auction house, estate sale companies have pros and cons when it comes to liquidating an estate.

Pros: Estate sale companies set their own prices.  Unlike an auction, you have some idea as to what you will obtain for an item.  Estate sale companies can easily sell even the less desireable items.  Generally, if there is an item in the house, someone out there wants it.  Even if you get a few dollars for a vase or book, the money adds up.  Therefore, an entire house full of items will typically generate a larger gross amount than an auction house will get you.

Cons: Finding a fully licensed, bonded, and insured estate sale company in Southern, Nevada can be a challenge.  In addition, finding a company that does not own their own store front is even more of a challenge. 

Best choice

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC contains all the proper licenses, bond, and insurance.  In addition, we do not own a store.  Our motivation is to sell ALL of your items for the greatest amount possible. We get booked up fast, so contact us today!