Estate Jewelry

Sell Your Estate Jewelry

Gold, Silver Platinum, Diamonds, and Coins are all hot items that will bring you top dollar from your estate sale. Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC does not buy your estate jewelry.  Rather, we are licensed to take your items directly to the refineries; which buy your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and or coins for the current spot price value or more.

Gold/Silver Coins

Recently, we came across a collection of gold coins. Several of the coins were highly desireable; $20 dollar gold pieces from the mid 1800’s. Rather than selling for spot price, we were able to use our network of estate jewelry buyers who pay a much higher premium for the coins. Our client received much more money for their estate jewelry compared to what most places would pay for it.


Estate diamonds also receive a premium when it comes to top prices paid for estate jewelry.  We work exclusively with a diamond buyer in Las Vegas who earned a reputation for paying top dollar for your estate diamonds. In addition, because of the volume of estate jewelry we sell, we can help you get top prices for your diamonds. Early this year, we liquidated an estate belonging to a life-long jewelry dealer.  We were able to obtain a large sum of money from her jewelry which added tremendously to her overall estate value. In fact, the sale was one of the largest jewelry sales our buyer has ever come across.


Our volume of silver sales qualifies us for a much higher premium paid for your silver compared to other buyers. Our buyer melts your silver on site and gives a detailed analysis or assay of the metals. You know exactly how much silver is recycled and the percentage of silver in the assay.  In addition, your entire transaction is recorded on video.  Once the calculations are made, the price is determined for the melted scrap.  We secure payment for you and pay you promptly for your silver.


Most estate sales we conduct contains gold in the forms of jewelry.  Once again, we are able to earn you a very high percentage based off of the current spot price.  In fact, we have not found a buyer in town that will pay a higher percentage!  Your gold is also melted and assayed right at the factory.  We spend hours watching the entire process and pour of the melted gold.  Once the assay is finished, we receive payment for you based on the current gold spot price.  If you have owned the gold a for at least 5 years or more; you will see a tremendous return on investment as gold prices are still very high and will continue to rise as long as the economy is sputtering along.


Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC has a tremendous track record of obtaining the highest prices possible for your estate jewelry.  Your transaction is secured with detailed reports and even video recording of your items being refined (if precious metals) or evaluated (if precious stones). You can focus on other matters while Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC provides honest and reputable estate liquidation services for you!

Estate Jewelry