Estate Sales Tell a Story

History Through an Estate Sale

Have You Been to an Estate Sale Lately?

Before I started my own estate sale company, I would frequent estate liquidations across the country.  Each sale was different and each one told a story.  Sometimes, I am amazed (but not surprised) by the number of people that flock to an estate sale.  Some, like one of our regulars, is looking for a specific record.  Others, are on a treasure hunt.  Yet, I wonder how many people actually think for a moment about the person’s home they are in and the items that are being sold? For me, each estate sale tells a story.  For instance, if you look at the bookshelf, you can almost always see the history of a person’s life.

Last May, we conducted an estate liquidation that contained hundreds of books.  One could take the books and organize them by themes.  Afterwards, you could see the history of a person’s life by the title of books they owned.  I could tell that a person that owned these books had great aspirations or dreams, hit a tragedy, had a struggle with alcohol addicition, moved on with their life, started a business, took many vacations traveling the world, and ran into health problems down the road.  Although this may sound like a strange observation to make; I find it facinating to see “life” through an estate sale.

Please Don’t be Insulted

This past June, we liquidated an estate of a World War II veteran.  As some of you know, the estate contained items from World War II.  In particular, the person that owned these items fought against the Germans in Europe.  The client served his country brilliantly saving lives as a medic in the Army/Airforce.  Our client was extremely proud of his service and saved numerous items to remind him of the days he stood-up against evil.  As a result, his estate contained a Nazi Banner.  This banner was not a banner to hang in his home to celebrate the idealisms of World War II Germany; rather, this banner symbolized the day the United States and Allies defeated the evil Jewish hating Nazi Party.  As the daughter of our client stated,”My father is so proud the day he helped defeat the Germans.”

For the Record

As an estate sale company, we are contracted to sell items owned by a family.  However, a few individuals viewed the sale of a Nazi Banner as hateful and hurtful.  As stated prior to our sale in writing as well as verbally to customers, Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC does not endorse, support or in any other manner subscribe to the beliefs of the symbolism related to this item or other items owned by our clients.  Our view is simple, this item is/was a part of history.  We were not even alive when these events transpired.  However, my grandfather was and he fought against the Japanese and was present when the Japanese signed the peace treaty on board the USS Missouri ending World War II. ( )

We have sold countless religious and political artifacts (including, but not limited to: Jewish Menorahs, Christian Crosses, Buddist Statues, Bill Clinton Autographs, Democratic Signs, Republican Signs) in which we may not share the spiritual or political beliefs; but customers of ours might.  As a result, if there is an items that needs to be sold; we help our sellers find buyers while not taking any political or religious stance on an item.

History Comes Alive

The next time you walk into an estate sale, especially one of ours, try to see if there is an important lesson or idea to learn from the estate and or items from the estate.  As a life long learner, I enjoy finding out not just about the items we sell, but the eras/decades in which our clients lived through. You can learn a lot about history going to an estate sale in Las Vegas! Hope to see you at our next one!