Getting Started

Easy Start With Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC

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Simple Steps to set-up your estate sale.

1. See for yourself what we do 

We encourage future clients to visit our estate sales in the community. We set-up the premises, advertise in a variety of media outlets, conduct the sale, and clean-up the premises.

2. Contact Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC to set-up a free evaluation of your estate.

3. Do Not Throw Anything Away:

    You will be amazed at what people will buy from an estate sale. Let us help you maximize the contents of your estate.

4.  Utilities & Insurance:

Please do not turn off the electricity and cancel the insurance. Cool customers are happy customers.

5.  Personal Papers and Photos:

     Please be sure to remove any papers and photos prior to the estate sale.  We do make every effort to save such documents during the set-up phase.

6.  Prescription Medicine & Alcohol:

     Please remove any prescription drugs and alcohol.

That is it!  Once the contract is finalized, we take care of the rest!


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