Item Research Equates to Big Profits

Research is Key

Unlike some estate sale companies in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC completes comprehensive research using a variety of methods to help you achieve top dollar for your antique and collectible items.  Too often, I will attend an estate sale and see items priced either way too high and or way too low.  Both situations are not a helpful service for a client.  Pricing an item way too high will virtually insure that it will not sell and pricing an item much too low will hurt your bottom line. ( It must be noted for the record; there are several estate sale companies in Las Vegas that own a storefront and or eBay store.  Some of these companies are operating without a privlidges second hand dealers license. This license must be secured in every muncipality that an estate sale is being conducted.  I often wonder if the prices on items are set extremely high so that at the end of the sale, the estate sale company can purchase the items for their own gain? I’m proud to say that Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC does not engage in this activity.  Not only is this morally wrong; it is against the law!) Our incentive is to sell your items for the highest possible price.

We are Truly the Experts

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC is fortunate to have a partner with two Master Degrees.  As a result, Chris is an expert researcher when it comes to virtually any topic of research. Chris has not only developed the skills to research and write on any topic; he has learned to take this skill and apply it to your unique and sometimes obscure collectibles and antiques.  The result, detailed research which translates to higher profits for your items.

The Proof

We consistently achieve higher prices for items because of the detailed reports completed during the research phase of your estate sale.  Yes, researching items at an estate sale may take time and patience; but the end result is giving your items a higher sale price.  For instance, recently, we completed an estate sale that contained a rather large painting.  The painting looked like it could of been painted anywhere by anyone.  However, through research, the painting appraised for over $20,000 dollars!  Even though we did not sell this particular painting in this market during a one weekend sale; the family received the painting back and now has a very good idea of what the real value is.  Perhaps one day, when the art market improves, the family will call upon Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC to help them find a buyer for their very valuable painting.