Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC is Victim to Cybersquatting by Local Estate Sale Company

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC is a victim of cybersquatting by a local Las Vegas estate sale company that has changed its name and brand several times within the last year. We have worked hard to build our brand and reputation; now, a local estate sale company is trying to confuse customers. Please be advised, there is only one Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC.  Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC is protected by a federal trademark.

What is cybersquatting?  Well, simply put, cybersquatting is when an individual or company uses another companies name and or brand in a domain name to confuse customers.  In other words, cybersquatting is a bad faith effort registering a similar domain name to an already existing brand, trademark, or domain name.

According to

A petitioner seeking to use ICANN’s Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (“UDRP”), must demonstrate the following elements to recover a domain name:

  • Ownership of a trademark;
  • A domain name that is identical or confusingly similar to the trademark owned;
  • The registrant has no legitimate interest or rights in the domain name, which may be demonstrated through: showing a lack of a bona fide intent to use the disputed domain to offer goods or services, and showing common knowledge of the trademark owner’s ownership of the mark; and
  • The registrant’s registration and use has been conducted in bad faith, which may include evidence that: a) that the domain was acquired primarily to sell to the trademark owner, c) the domain name was acquired to disrupt business of a competitor, d) the domain name was acquired to make money through consumer confusion.

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC is currently working to remedy the situation; not limited to legal action as pursuant to an in personam claim under the federal Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (“ACPA”).

I find it shameful that an individual or company would stoop so low as to try to steal business by using an identical domain name.  Why not go out there and build your own business opposed to working to steal business from an existing business?

Rest assured, Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC will not sit back and let you harm our good name. We have spent countless hours building our business and online reputation.  We hope you have a good lawyer; your going to need one.