New Estate Sale Security Integrations in Las Vegas

Estate Sale Security

Security and safety is always our number one priority while conducting an estate sale. Each and every sale we conduct is unique and poses a variety of challenges. For instance, less than a year ago, we liquidated a home that contained thousands upon thousands of antique toys and collectibles.  The most difficult challenge for liquidating this estate is securing the items.  Although we provide a wide-variety of security procedures at each of our sales; there are unfortunately people looking to get things for free.

Estate sale companies, like retail storefronts, must be cognitive of theft.  Although we do not personally own any item sold at our estate sale, we are providing a unique service for our client and take a vested interest in their property.  Generally, our clients are grieving and the last thing they want to worry about is someone stealing their personal property.

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC has taken to technology to help reduce theft at its estate sales.  We provide our clients a security service with state-of-the-art wireless DVR system that actually stores the video and audio captured in two locations.  We record the video and audio of our estate sales and store the data on site as well as have the ability to store the data off site, all at the same time automatically.

Client Phone App

In addition to taking estate sales to the next level, we also have the ability to provide our clients with real time video and audio monitoring through their mobile phone! Therefore, our sales are being recorded for future review and our clients are watching live on their mobile phones or computers from a remote location! Simply go to your Android or iPhone and install an app which we provide.   We will give you the parameters to login and view your estate sale!***

Night Vision

Think the above technology is cool?  Well, our estate sales also have multiple cameras recording and running during the evening and late night time. Our cameras are all equipped with night vision technology. This means, the cameras are able to view extremely dark situations like daytime recording. The video cameras also have an ability to be triggered by motion.  We also have the ability to provide real time, all the time video and audio in case our clients are not on premises during the set-up stage.

High Tech Software

In addition to having quality video recording hardware; we have high tech software!  Our software allows us to zoom in and see minute details. We can move frame by frame and extract video in a variety of formats.  We can also extract images from the video. For instance, if we want a snapshot of something; push a button, and we can print up the image immediately.

One of a Kind Estate Security

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC is definitely changing the way security is being conducted at an estate sale. Nobody likes a thief.. Inevitably, theft does occur, even at the most secured stores and venues.  However, it doesn’t mean we have to tolerate it.  If and when we run into recorded theft; rest assured, the theft will be immediately turned over to local authorities. Video surveillance is just another method Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC tries hard to make your estate sale a success!