Boulder City Estate Sales

Are you looking for a licensed, bonded and insured estate sale company in Boulder City, NV? We are your solution for estate sales in Boulder City.   We have roots going back to Boulder City since the dam construction! Whether your home is located in the historic part of Boulder City or the newer construction over-looking Lake Mead, we know the area and attract thousands of estate sale buyers for each of our sales.  In fact, we have thousands of estate sale buyers that follow us from sale to sale.  In addtion, we have the ability to showcase your estate nation-wide, attracting qualified buyers for your items.

Important tip:

Please do not throw anything away. We are experts when it comes to researching items for your estate sale. We have found and recovered thousands of dollars in cash in a magazine; which was given back to the family (true story). We found an old painting with a broken frame that was appraised at tens of thousands of dollars.  You never know what you have. We will give you a free evaluation of your items.

Why Hire Us?

Well, first of all, we are a member of the Southern, Nevada Better Business Bureau.  We pride ourselves on not owning a storefront! Did you know that there are estate sale companies that will offer you a low rate and make an effort not to sell your items so they can buy them and resell them in their stores!? Our incentive is to get you the most money for your items period.  We do not buy to resell.  In fact, any company doing so, by law must have a second hand dealers license in the municipality that they are conducting business in.  Many estate sale companies in Southern, Nevada are not even licensed!  We are licensed in each city we conduct business, the State of Nevada, and the County of Nevada. We are bonded.  Finally, we also have workers comp. insurance. Never hire an estate sale company that does not have workers comp. insurance.  If someone gets hurt while working your sale; they could sue you!

Home Transformed

Your Boulder City estate will be transformed into a store.  We set-up and price each item.  We believe a clean estate sale is a profitable estate sale. We will obtain the proper permits to conduct your estate sale.


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