Las Vegas Estate Jewelry

We Sell Your Las Vegas Estate Jewelry

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC will turn your estate jewelry into cash! We consistantly receive the highest prices paid for estate jewelry in Las Vegas. Whether your  estate contains a few pieces of estate jewelry to hundreds of estate jewelry pieces; we sell it all. In addition, we provide an itemized list of each jewelry piece and the price received.  Not sure if your jewelry is real?  No problem!  Let us test your diamonds, gold, and silver.

We will get you top dollar for:

  • Diamonds: we will sell your diamonds in any size, shape, or clarity.
  • Gold: receive top dollar for 10k, 14k, 18, 24k gold.
  • Silver: fine silver, sterling silver, receive top dollar for your silver.
  • Platinum: receive top dollar for your platinum
  • Rubies: we sell your natural rubies for top dollar.
  • Emeralds: we sell your natural emeralds.
  • Watches: we sell your fine watches; vintage or modern time pieces.
  • Coins: we sell your rare coins, entire collections, or rare currency.
  • Fine jewelry: receive top dollar for vintage and modern fine jewelry.