Strange, Weird, and Bizarre Estate Sale Items Uncovered

Most Often Asked Question:

Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC has conducted numerous estate sales in Clark County over the years. Almost on a daily basis, after talking to friends or acquaintances about past or upcoming estate sales, I am almost always asked,”Hey, what is one of the weirdest items you have come across at an estate sale?”

I generally have to take a moment and think about that question. It appears after each estate sale; I come across another item that tops the weird list. Typically, we come across similar items and basic necessities from one sale to another.  However, each person’s home is different and each person is different; therefore, we come across some very rare and unique items on a daily basis.  We also come across some weird, strange and bizarre items as well!  Here are a few items that made the list:

The Strange:

I remember one of the first homes we liquidated.  The home belonged to a man who had much interest in science.  Most of his personal property was stored away in boxes up in the rafters in the garage.  My co-worker and I took out the ladder and started to bring down boxes.  It was evident that these boxes were not disturbed for some time.  The amount of dust and filth on the top of the boxes was enough to make you choke.  However, we completed our task and started to open the sealed boxes.  Inside the second box we opened; we noticed bones!  “Have we just found Jimmy Hoffa?” I exclaimed.  As it turned out, the bones belonged to animals that the home owner pieced together as a hobby.  I like to write music as a hobby.  I guess to each their own!

The Weird:

I can think of many items found that can easily make this category.  However, due to time constraints, I am going to limit this post to one item. While conducting an estate sale out near Henderson, NV, we came across 3 female thongs stuffed inside the cushions of a couch.  Although I did not touch them (I used tongs for the thongs to remove them); I can honestly say this was one of the weirdest estate sale items found. Please don’t get me wrong, the items listed on this page are not usual estate sale finds!  I am still trying to figure out why the thongs were stuffed down inside the cushions in the couch!

The Out and Out Bizarre:

Dead pets anyone? While conducting an estate sale out in North Las Vegas; we came across 2 stuffed dead pets! What is really bizarre is how we found them.  The pets were located inside an armoire.  We opened the doors of this beautiful antique armoire and out popped these stuffed pets! Lieterally, they jumped out!  One of our workers screamed! She thought she was being attacked by an animal! Well, I will be honest and say they didn’t “jump”, but, they fell out like they did! I took the two stuffed pets and put them inside separate boxes.  I asked the property owner what to do with the items and they said; throw them out!  I could nto find it in my heart to do this; so, I took the pets into the backyard and dug two holes.  I placed the pets into the holes and made two mini crosses which I laid on top of the pets.  I felt this was the best way to help the pets find peace.