Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC Testimonials


Las Vegas Estate Sale Testimonials


Receiving a compliment for a job well done is more important than monetary gain. Here is a list of REAL compliments received from clients and customers:


September 2012

I am honored to tell you about Las Vegas Estate Sales.  Yes, they are a business.  They need to make a living like all of us.  However, Pam and Chris and the Las Vegas Estate Sales team, have made a very conscious decision to do business in a very special way, from the heart. At a time when I was overwhelmed with my mother’s illness and impending passing and all that goes with watching and guarding this sacred process, these people came into my life. Not only did they handle my mother’s home of 25 years with dignity and respect, they knew at a heart level they were in my mother’s world.  Her life was vital and joyful for 98 year. They priced and sold things that we all had agreed upon before the sale and took such care of everything.  When the sale was over everything was boxed and ready to be donated, at my request.I cannot tell you how much stress was relieved working with Pam and her team.   Las Vegas Estate Sales works with compassion, dignity and respect for whatever life challenge you are facing by calling on them. I would highly recommend them and tell anyone to give yourself the gift of relief and peace.  Give Pam a call, you won’t be sorry.

Linda K.

"I have frequented estate sales since I was a little girl in Chicago.  My mom and dad would take me with them. I stopped attending estate sales in Las Vegas because of a few reasons.  First of all, I noticed that a couple of the estate sale companies also had the same items for sale.  I thought to myself, if this is an estate sale, why are they selling the same items that they had two weeks prior at a different home?  Also, the estate sales were filthy.  I mean, the homes were trashed and filled with filth.  I walked in and walked out.  My first time attending an estate sale by Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC demonstrated to me that they were serious about selling their clients estate items.  The sale was very clean, organized, and I did not have to guess what the prices were.  I found the representatives to be professional and very courteous.  Thanks, Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC!  I will be back for your next sale.

Julie P -Las Vegas, NV

"I was really impressed with Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC.  You guys were very helpful and honest.  You answered all my questions related to the estate sale process."

John R. -Henderson, NV

"You guys really know what you are doing.  I appreciate coming into an estate sale and finding it well organized and clean.  In addition, I found the estate sale workers very helpful and kind.  Thanks for putting on a great sell."

Maria S. -Las Vegas, NV