What is an Estate Sale?

What is an estate?  What is an estate sale?  This question has been recently brought up and I would like to make a comment about the word “estate”.  If you look it up in a dictionary the word has several different references, but in a case of an estate sale the word means:  something owned; any tangible or intangible possession that is owned by someone.


When people hire an estate sale company like Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC they hire us to conduct the sale for them within their home or a deceased person’s home.  Most families have busy lives in other states or are just unable to deal with the overwhelming items that a relative has left behind when they die or move to assisted living.  It can be very emotional for them, as well.  We step in and organize the items, research items, and display items in a pleasing way.  We then invite people into the home to purchase the items from the estate.  We act as a broker, hence, that is why we are called merchandising brokers.  Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC works in a professional manner and we try to make the house look like a store or boutique.  For all that attend our estate sales, they see different items at each sale. That is because we work in different homes throughout the valley and each sale is different and each situation is different.  Sometimes we have Southwestern influence in a home, or antiques, or normal everyday items, or sometimes we have Asian influence in a home, for example.  That is exactly what makes this business fun and exciting for the public to attend and for us to work the sale.  Every house is different and every owner or family is different.  There are treasures to be found from these estates.


We pride ourselves on helping these families through a difficult situation and feedback from our families have been overwhelmingly positive!  We actually sell 99% of the items in the home.  This is a huge accomplishment and one that we are proud of and the families are thrilled with the end results.


That is the definition of an estate sale…there can be different reasons for an estate sale, but Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC always sells the personal property of our clients.