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Why Choose Us:

1.) You can go with the rest or choose the best!  We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured in every municipality as well as with the State of Nevada.  We carry state required worker's compensation insurance.  Why is this important?  Well, if you hire an estate sale company who does not have workers compensation insurance and their worker gets hurt at your home; they can sue you!

2.) We do not own a store!  Why is this important?  We do not purchase your items to benefit ourselves.  There are many estate sale companies who also own stores. Owning an estate sale company and owning a store is a conflict of interest.  Our motivation is to sell your items for the highest price; giving you more money in your pocket. 

3.) No out of pocket expenses.  We do not charge you a minimum price to conduct your estate sale!  We provide all labor, advertising, research, and any other costs of doing business.

4.) We provide the cleanest sales possible.  A clean sale is a profitable sale. We organize and set-up your home into a boutique!

5.) No cost consultation. We come to you and discuss your situation.  We will give your estate an honest evaluation.

6.) Huge customer base of loyal shoppers.

7.) We are a friendly family owned and operated business.

8.) We conduct respectful, compassionate, and honest  sales.  We are a member of the Better Business Bureau.

9.) Transparent: Our clients receive an itemized sales report at the end of the sale.  Our clients know the realized price for each item sold. We work hard to build your trust!

10.) We are a full service estate sale company.

Individualized Attention:

Each and every job we perform is given individualized attention. We provide tables, shelving, and display cases for your  valuables. We do extensive research on antiques and collectibles. We are extremely knowledgeable about fair market values on a wide-range of personal items including furniture, kitchenware, electronics, antiques, home decor, and other items. 

We are not like other estate sale companies. We work hard to transform your sale into a boutique! We take care of all the items from start to finish and leave the home ready to be added to the real estate market. Unlike some estate sale companies, we do not buy your items to resale. Our success is your success!


Hoarder Estate Sales

We Liquidate Hoarder Estates

What is a hoarder?  A hoarder is someone that accumulates items, supplies, money, food, or the like in a guarded place, such as a home, for preservation, future use, just in case, etc.  Believe it or not, most estate sale companies come across this type of situation every once in awhile.  Our personal experience conducting estate sales find this happening more and more these days.

Some people use the term “hoarder” very loosely, but what we are finding in our society is that it is more common in older people’s homes.  Why?  Well, many of these people have lived through the Great Depression or were young children at the time.  They are “savers”.  Many people that become hoarders are lonely, living alone with little assistance, and believe that their “things” are the most important things in their lives.  Often times, the family lives out of state and simply did not know that this was going on. These people are “attached” to their things and cannot let go of them.  In their minds they simply cannot live without their things.

IMG 3433 Hoarder Estate Sales

We have facilitated several estate sales in true hoarder houses. One example, that comes to mind, is when we first arrived to view the home of a collectible hoarder, the pathway to get to the opposite end of the home was difficult to maneuver.  The collections of plants, collectibles, cleaning supplies, kitchen items, clothing, shoes, and purses was a bit overwhelming for someone seeing this for the first time. The walls were covered from top to bottom with collectible plates and pictures.  Living plants covered nearly 12 feet of dining room space. It was impossible to even sit comfortably in the dining room to eat. The good news was, that we had seen it before, and we knew exactly how to proceed.  The house actually looked like an overstocked store, to say the least.

IMG 4421 Hoarder Estate Sales

Our sales are neatly organized and everything in the home is priced, so we started pricing the collectibles first and matched the collectible boxes to the items.  Oh, yes, the client had kept the boxes for most of the collectibles!  The boxes were stacked in the garage cabinets and it was quite difficult to even get to the cupboards and it was an undertaking just to match them up.  Speaking of the garage, some of the cleaning supplies had been in the garage so long that the plastic containers leaked due to the heat and cold in the garage.  Cleaning products stuck to the cement floor of the garage.  We joked that we had enough cleaning items to supply the entire neighborhood for a year at least.  The garage was so full that the boxes and boxes had to be cleared before we could do anything at all.

IMG 3423 Hoarder Estate Sales

We actually found hundreds of new clothing items such as t-shirts that still had price tickets on them.  So much in fact, that we could have had a full estate sale just with clothing.  Boxes and boxes of new or hardly warn shoes…yes, we said in the boxes!  This house had so many different cooking and baking dishes, pans, utensils, dishes, tools and holiday items it was extremely difficult to set this sale up.  We actually had to use the entire garage and backyard to just make room for people to walk through the home. We brought in several upright racks with wheels to display items.  There was little room for tables.

IMG 4960 Hoarder Estate Sales

This is what we specialize in.  Whether the home is a “hoarder” house or whether it is neatly organized throughout, we always find ways to set it up to make it look like a store.  Our experience tells us if the house is set up in a clean, neat, and organized way, the sale will be successful.  Look for a company that actually works to set up the house the correct way.  Look for a company that takes the time to research, organize, and limit the liability for the homeowner or estate by making the home safe for people to walk through.  Look for a company that spends TIME doing all of this.  Ask for pictures of their past sales.  Look at the pictures and determine whether you see prices displayed and the items organized on racks, tables, and counters. Do not pick a company advertising that they can conduct your sale in only a few days.  There is no way that a STORE can be set up in three days.  Understand, your home or your family member’s home with thousands of items in it, MUST, be set up so that people will not get injured walking throughout the home. 

IMG 2587 Hoarder Estate Sales

It is important to ask questions about how the home will be set up with thousands of items in it.  How are the smaller items going to be secured?  How many people do you have working at a hoarder’s home?  How many people will be allowed into the home at one time?  How do you price the items and how long will it take you to price everything…or do you price only some things?  You want a company that is going to price everything PRIOR to the sale day.  Many companies skip this important step and do not want to put the labor into all the research and pricing.  Get in writing that the company is going to research and price accordingly. Make sure that your items will be priced, no matter, how many items are in the home.  One of example of this, “There is no price on the kitchen bowl”.  Answer, “Um, well it weighs this much…so I guess I will say $5.00”.  WHAT???  We have actually heard that answer at a sale that we went to.  That company is skipping steps.  That company is not getting the best price for that item.

RESEARCH, RESEARCH…it takes time to get the job done.  Do not skip this step, especially for a HOARDER HOUSE.


It’s Our Honor Presented by Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC

IT'S OUR HONOR: Estate Sale Presented by Las Vegas Estate Sales, LLC


When: September 20-21, 2014

Time: 8am – 3pm

Address:  Will be released September 19, 2014


This estate sale is a beautiful clean home.


This estate features:

Two Trek Bicycles

Nice Pool Lounge Chairs

BMW Rims

Multiple Bedroom Sets

Luxurious Dining Table and Chairs

Corner Curio



Entertainment Center




Sun City Anthem Estate Sale September 27-28 2014

Sun City Anthem Estate Sale-Henderson, NV


When: September 27-28, 2014

Time: 8am – 3pm

Address:  Will be released September 26, 2014